Hydraulic Systems

High performance hydraulic systems come from our professional technical development team, advanced design idea and the pioneer spirit full of creativity. Stable system quality comes from our strict quality guarantee systems. Our globalization hydraulic element purchase and matching philosophy promotes ratio of performance and price. Our perfect after-sales service system and after-sales education and training system is valuable to guarantee safe operation of the hydraulic systems.
We can design and manufacture various hydraulic systems with different functions as customer request, we have provided successively the rare large hydraulic systems with single set power reached 4,800kW, the high-precision analog loading servo systems with response frequency reached 20Hz, the proportion hydraulic systems used for shield with the actuator of stepless adjustment to operation speed, load and power, the high-precision stepping systems used for steel continuous casting machine of metallurgical industry, the travel position synchronization systems with tracking feedback control, as well the traditional hydraulic systems used for various hydraulic machines are too numerous to enumerate, moreover, we also developed various control software to match these hydraulic systems, so that we can really provide to our customers with high-precision mechanical-electrical-hydraulic integrated products.

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